Wade Meredith
Technology & Design

Work Experience

Work Experience


Fire Engine RED

Enterprise Software; Remote (USA)

2019   Director of UX
2018   Director of UX
2017   Director of UX
2016   Creative Technologist
2015   Creative Technologist
2014   Interaction Designer
2013   Interaction Designer

Voltage Creative

Digital Agency; Kansas City

2012   Project Manager
2011   Project Manager
2010   Project Manager (UX Lead)
2009   Web Designer
2008   Account Manager
2007   SEO Account Manager

Builder Consulting

Digital Agency; Kansas City

2006   Web Developer

2006   Founder (Acquired by b5media in 2006)


Blog; Remote (USA) 

2006   Marketing Assistant
2005   Marketing Assistant
2004   Assistant Project Engineer

Walton Construction

General Contractor; Kansas City

From UX design, to front-end web development, to project management, to entrepreneurship, [Wade] has consistently impressed me over the 6+ years I have known and worked with him. He also has a special talent for never losing sight of the big picture that keeps any endeavor on track to success, regardless of the changes it undergoes along its path. You want Wade on your team.
— Scott Connerly, Software Architect at Aware 3