Wade Meredith
A designer who can code in Kansas City. Building stuff for humans since 2006.


Using design to empower people with technology is what makes me tick.

Deep down:


Creation has always been a part of me. I am compelled to take from my surroundings and making something more is a compulsion I've been feeding since I could walk. It's been literally feeding me for about fifteen years, now.

Technology makes me powerful. This self empowerment is often beyond the reach of casual users. One of my deepest internal drives is to provide access to that power to more people.

Collaboration with peers during the creative process is vital. Thinking through conversation and learning via healthy debate are bedrocks of my lifelong education. Most ideas can benefit from critical discussion.

Empathy for frustrated people isn't always fun, but using that to help people better their lives through technology is endlessly rewarding. In order to fix problems, understanding them is the first step.

Systems for solutions are vastly more important than the solution itself. A quick result may get us through the day, but does little for us tomorrow. Give a person a fish and you feed them for a day. Create software that teaches people to fish and you feed the world.



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