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MyGo Project


MyGO Project

Product Type
Not-for-profit crowdfunding platform.

Product Design & Project Management

Build a bespoke crowd funding platform for a price-sensitive client with little existing technological savvy.

I led my digital agency team at Voltage Creative working with The Global Orphan Project to bring their ambitions for a custom crowd funding platform to life on a minimal budget (high five-figures) in just under a year. Much of the success of the process and project itself was due to the fact that they were a long-time client of the agency and there was significant existing trust and a great working relationship in place when they came to us with their vision for this new platform.

We worked with them to quickly sketch out requirements and segregate them into minimum viable product and nice-to-have features. Then we moved to quickly building proofs of concept using heavily modified "off the rack" software building our own suite of WordPress plugins in PHP into the crowdfunding platform they had envisioned. Building our own custom plugins in-house allowed us to implement the advanced feature and payment gateway functionality they needed, without the inherent security risks of unknown third party software.

Much of the design language and style guide came together organically during this period, which was only possible due to their existing brand guidelines and the great working relationship with the agency. We also built a MyGO Project sub-brand to live under their existing GO Project brand at the time and seamlessly integrated the new MyGO Project website into their existing web presence.

As of late 2017, the ROI on this project was over 500%.