Wade Meredith
A designer who can code in Kansas City. Building stuff for humans since 2006.

Elemental Prisms

Elemental Prism Hero.jpg

Elemental Prism

Product Type
Print and Digital Art Series


An art concept turned profitable limited-edition product targeting the minimalist consumer market. Each piece was offered under my Platonic.Press brand as a hand-screened and numbered art print with complimentary digital assets in the form of high-resolution wallpaper art for iPhone and iPad, and wide color gamut 4k desktop screens.

An experiment in marketing and price signaling, each was sold at a price that matched the number in the limited edition run of 100. Print #1 was $1, print #2 was $2 and so on, up to $100 for print #100.

The was a passion project, but quite profitable as long as you don't count labor in away, shape, or form... Most of the prints sold into the mid 40's before wearing out the market's tolerance for price increases. I also learned about supply chain management, shipping logistics, and screen printing.