Wade Meredith

InteractionWeb Designer/Developer


Wade Meredith at Voltage's Studio

Wade Meredith at Voltage Creative in Kansas City, Winter 2012. Credit: Blaine Fisher

Welcome. I’ve been professionally writing, designing, and developing for the web since 2005–something I’ll probably be doing until I drop dead. I love focused design and elegant code. I am currently the Interaction Designer at Fire Engine RED. Previously I was UX Lead and Project Manager at Voltage Creative.

Please note that editorial material on this website represents my views and my views alone. It is not reflective of the views or activities of any organization I am affiliated with.

Other notable work experience includes working as a marketing assistant for a U.S. top 100 general contractor, a live broadcast TV camera operator, and parts manager at an auto repair shop.

Origins & Technical Details of This Site

This web publishing/design/development stuff all started back in 2004, because I was reading too much just enough BoingBoing and Daring Fireball. The site is built on WordPress and the typography is powered by Typekit (Futura and Times). I used Coda 2 and Photoshop to build it.

The source image of Kansas City used for the header graphic of this site was taken by Stuart Seeger and can be found here.